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Friday, July 5, 2013

This week's coloring page

Every once in a while I think it's great to multi task. Another art of life is knowing when to push yourself and when to let what's given be enough. I'm so loving the class on visual story telling I'm taking. It has cemented some of the things I've done and am doing, and opened up others. A very exciting thing. I have a bout a dozen projects in various stages (and the AWFUL thing about when the creative juices flow, is new ideas and concepts waft their way to fore, and it becomes a sifting/organizing thing as well. Note to self: Clean up your internal files!). Anyhow, there were two additional assignments, and I wanted to do them, but how to justify the time because the goals of getting my books out there in the next few months is a looming thing?

MULTITASK! So the character assignment of the kindly grizzled, peg legged sailor has become a coloring page (I will post my colored version next week, I would love it if people shared!). The scene will end up being my new blog header (remember the promise to change the illustration out every few months? This way I can keep that promise to myself, and practice what I've learned in class. Incorporating your art is a part of your job as well. Prioritizing is important, and it shouldn't take precedent over family, but it has to be one of your major considerations. One of the things I've been able to embrace in the difficult last year, I can make my work, my art a priority again. I hope you enjoy it!