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Friday, July 26, 2013

The view from here, REVIEW FRIDAY

Robot Rumpus
Sean Taylor
Illustrated by Ross Collins
Andersen Press, USA, distributed by Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. 2013

I have loved Ross Collins style since seeing it in a friend's book The Three Grumpies (was actually just talking about this and robots with a friend. Wonder if Ross will only take titles that has something that will rhyme with BUMP in it, sorry, silly thought for the day). His style is humorous, surprising and reminds me of Bill Hoest, whom I love as well. So I was already predisposed to the book. But reading the rhyming stanzas, though alone I laughed a couple of times out loud. I know a lot of children who enjoy having their funny bones tickled and this is the book with wiggly fingers, robotic or otherwise.

Other books by Sean Taylor: The World Champion of Staying Awake (illustrated by Jimmy Liao); When a Monster is Born (illustrated by Nick Sharratt); Robomop (illustrated by Edel Rodriguez); Huck Runs Amuck (illustrated by Peter Reynolds); Boing (illustrated by Bruce Ingman); The Grizzly Bear with Frizzly Hair (illustrated by Hannah Shaw)

Other books by Ross Collins: The Music of Zombies: The Fifth Tale from the Five Kingdoms (Tales from the Five Kingdoms) (author Vivian French); Dear Vampa; When I Woke Up I Was a Hippopotamus (author Tom Macrae); Medusa Jones; Beetle Blast (S.W.I.T.C.H.) (author Ali Sparkes)

Jack and the Hungry Giant: Eat Right with My Plate
Loreen Leedy
Holiday House, 2013

The book starts off as the traditional tale of Jack's beanstalk adventures, but veers off into good manners and healthful eating.  The cast of characters are engaging and a little quazy, it's a romp through the food groups and good choices. The illustrations are active and kid friendly and this is a book easily read by a child on his or her own, as well as with an adult. It's a great introduction nutrition and climbing beanstalks-- should the opportunity arise. So to speak.

Other books by Loreen Leedy: Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story; Follow the Money!; The Great Graph Contest; Seeing Symmetry; Subtraction Action: Look at MY Book: How Kids Can Write & Illustrate Terrific Books.

The Very Inappropriate Word
Jim Tobin
illustrated by Dave Coverly
Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt and Company, LTD, 2013

Michael is a child after my own heart, a collector of words. Some of his observations on words are quite wonderful and easily capture one of the things I love about them. But when he finds an inappropriate word some quite different consequences follow. The illustrations fit the book like *$()%@)$# glove! A humorous and quiet exploration of words and their power, most definitely from the child's perspective. I truly loved this book, and can't wait to read it to my grandson, a collector of sounds as well as words.

Other books by Jim Tobin: Sue MacDonald Had a Book (illustrated by Dave Coverly)
Other books by Dave Coverly: SpeedBump (three books); How to get a Monkey Into Harvard (author Charles Monagan);

You Go First
Mercer Mayer
Tommy Nelson, registered trademark of Thomas Nelson 2013

Little Critters meets Inspired Kids, Mercer takes a biblical quotation and makes it come to life. In this book the quote is "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you" Matthew 7:12 from The International Chidren's Bible. A larger lesson than "just" for Christians, the story isn't priggish or pedantic or hit you over the head. The story closely mimics a child's real desire to be first and explores the idea in a gentle way. I have always loved Mercer Mayer's two styles of drawing, and Little Critters are so fun and appealing.

Other works by Mercer Mayer:The New Baby; Just Me and My Dad; a slew of Little Critter books; Me and My Little Brain (Great Brain, Book 3) (author John D. Fitzgerald); Frog Where are You? Boy, Dog, Frog); The Bravest Knight; East of the Sun and West of the Moon (I love this book)

Crafty Chloe: Dress-up, Mess-up
Kelly DiPucchio
illustrated by Heather Ross
Atheneum Books for Young Readers, Simon and Schuster, 2013

Chloe may be crafty but she has a dilemma. She promised two different things to her best friends at the same time. going through the process of resolving the dilemma, in creative way is a reassuring way for kids to see resolution is not always a clear path. I love that a part of Chloe's wrestle isn't just pleasing her friends, Leo and Emma, or even Grandma, but herself. And she does a great job of it. There was a delicacy to Heather's drawings that kept Chloe grounded.

Other books by Kelly DiPucchio: The Sandwich Swap (Coauthor Queen Rania of Jordan Al Abdullah, illustrated by Tricia Tusa); Grace for President (illustrated by LeUyen Pham); Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet (illustrated by Bob Shea); Zombie in Love (illustrated by Scott Campbell); Sipping Spiders through a Straw: Campfire Songs for Monsters (illustrated by Gris Grimly)

Other books by Heather Ross:  the Ivy Honeysuckle books (author Candice Ransom); Heather Ross Prints: 50+ Designs and 20 Prints to Get You Started (co author John Gruen); What Happened on Fox Street (Mo Wren) (author Tricia Springstubb)