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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Readings, Bloggings and REVIEWING...

I sometimes feel like I'm going in twenty directions at a time. Make that twenty five! I reviewed Stephanie Lisa Tara's lovely book I'll Follow The Moon on blog talk (and she credited me with helping her achieve #1 in edownloads in her category-- WONDERFUL!). Still learning Photoshop, nearly finished with Will Terry and Jake Parker's FABULOUS Visual Storytelling course (final critique to do), and I can see an improvement in my work, ALREADY and I'm STOKED.

I'm blogging regularly on eblog, and slowly building my readership. Reviewing books every week, adding a coloring page, and writing about my process of thinking, illustrating and writing.

I'm often also wondering if I should be Tumbling, Twitting, Wordpressing, Behancing, and Pinteresting and wondering further, when I'm supposed to have the TIME, lol, because I still write and illustrate BOOKS and make images for my various online stores (new venture is offering my images as downloads for people to put on their own favorite things, for dollars, on Etsy). Anyhow, I neglect this. But received another wonderfully nice review on Nana's Gift and thought I'd share here. Especially as I have no idea where to post reviews of my books...

In a related question. I'm thinking of publishing the blog I write on Eblog to my Goodreads, Tumblr and Wordpress accounts. I know different people catch different posts. Would it be offensive, or good sharing practices/marketing (how do you know who I am and what I do without the blog?) Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts here or on FB or through my Eblog,, I'll be publishing this post there as well.

ANYHOW, (and a mighty wooohoooo!) via Michael Strickland and the Young People's Pavilion:

In this heartwarming, touching, and beautifully written picture book by Agy Wilson, Darlee Sims is left at Nana's for the weekend and at first is not happy with it. But having fun with Nana, Pasha and Honey, Darlee learns about her family, and best of all herself. With wonderful illustrations that have a hand-drawn look, Nana's Gift offers a timeless message about intergenerational family relationships.