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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So this was the first version of Oscar. I love the geometric shapes and I didn't know Tasmanian Devils HOWL, and it looks like he's complaining. According to people who know, and my partner in crime Margot says it so it must be true, TDs can be nasty little critters, so I think even Oscar is a TD with a difference, he's still a TD. When thinking about characters, especially when they are based on real life you need to have good reference.

You can see it's not exact, because Oscar needed to interact with another character. Besides, it's not a wise idea to use references EXACTLY, because you can run into copyright (and sometimes) trademark issues. I decided I liked it better with the image flopped. but this was the basis for my drawing. The next step was adding color. I painted in mostly normal layers, added a "night" layer in OVERLAY, and that's how I got the very intense color (I kinda like it). I used a splatter brush to paint as well as a textured brush to blend it. Personally, I'm a blending freak, I think a lot can be achieved with that. I'm posting the rest of the images during various stages of color. I'm waiting on Margot letting me post the image with the first page of text, we're trying to decide on typeface. If she prefers we not use the type, I'll do a pretend block so you can see what the finished page will look like with the text and all (I sized the screen proportionally to the Kindle, and it will mostly apply through out...