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Monday, May 13, 2013

Something's fishy...

I realized a while ago I've got some neat "old" work, from when I did line drawings to sell as rubberstamps. Most of them sold (not for much, I figured it would keep me in "pin" money and hone my line skills, and it did) but someone accusing me of plagiarizing my own work, of a drawing that had sentimental meaning to me and the resulting down turn of sales because of it, left a bad taste in my mouth, so I stopped marketing them. Fast forward to now, and I'm trying to think of ways of supplementing my income. I sold the rights to rubber stamp companies, but I can put the images on anything else I want because I didn't sell the copyright images away. Looking at them, I like them (all, mostly) they're nice as the line drawings, but I also got the great idea of "coloring" them and selling them in Photoshop. So here's the heart drawing to finish product:

So that was fun. Don't hate the results. May go back one day and play some more. The next thing was inspired by a friend who had done a mermaid, and I just loved drawing mergrrls as a kid. I decided to try something different; not sure how successful I am at it (and it's not completely finished). I wanted to incorporate my heart theme, and I decided to paint her like a tropical fish. 

 I still have to finish the hair and jewels, lighten up the upper torso, and correct the wet sheen on the scales and tail. But I don't hate it still, and had loads of fun. I loved the image to begin with, so I may end up rethinking this again as well. The light blue is actually just to see the layers above and what it would look like with a colored background, like if someone wants a colored t-shirt or other product).

For now, I will finish add it to my different stores (three I like a lot: Zazzle and Society 6 and Redbubble). Hopefully the masses will fall in love with what I'm doing so I can do some more of it! All art by Agy Wilson, All rights reserved.