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Friday, April 19, 2013

I've lost my head!

I am pushing myself, and I like it! I'm sad to say my app projects with Margot are on hiatus for a bit. Money and my personal life has insinuated reality on my creaky brain and equipment, so I hope this is postponement, not abandonment.

Because of that, I felt I need to change the blog's artwork. And might as well blog about that!

Like a good cover for a book, I felt my artwork needed to reflect an idea. I hope that was successful. I try to inject humor in what I do, not always successfully ("That's not funny, Agy!") and I hope this is no exception. I measured the art that was here (the lovely Margot Finke had set up the blog for me,  so I'm really late to this particular dance). Set it up in Photoshop and rendered a sketch and then did a grey scale drawing.

I colored that and thought it abysmal. You will never see that--ha--because that's the power of editing! Then I "calligraphed" my name and lower sentence in Photoshop. In quotation marks because it's not the same as with a dip or marker pen, where I can manipulate the pressure and the angle to vary the line and buoancy of the forms. This is a new thing for me, so who knows if I can improve the process, but I intend on playing with it, as it's so much easier on my eyes and I can get in there and balance out the line, form, rhythm of the marks I make down to the minutia. I hope to play with this a whole lot more, and will probably include with the traditional  methods of pen manipulation as well as the Photoshopped versions.

I added a blue filter and decided it needed a bit something more:

The winner is:

A little bit of color, a border, and I call it finished! I make a committment, unless I'm under contract, I will change out the header with a bit of new work every few months. GREAT practice I think...