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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Filling a cup, planting a garden, washing a kidlet...

So if we are buddies on Facebook, or you follow me in any way shape or form you probably know I just moved, and well, I'm a-aching all over. It took more than the usual few hours and a cup of steaming hot Joe to wake me up, because I still have a bit of sludge between the ears. Some days are like that, and it's good to just give in, and let whatever needs to heal do its magic trick.

Many people often say to me they wish they could do art. I also know people (adults even who are brave enough to admit) who love to color. It's a calming thing for them, and it's not the "stress" of having to create something whole cloth, yet satisfies their need to be creative. And yes, I think that's a creative outlet. In an effort to keep people interested in my site, draw a wide variety, I thought I'd try posting coloring pages. It's also a way to keep me drawing (and encouraging one form of it or another EVERY day) and accountable. If I know people like this and respond to it, I will continue to create them, and my other things as well. I will ask, if you decide to try my coloring pages that you leave a comment, let me know what you think of it, how well it's reproducing, etc., and any other thoughts, including things you'd like to see. No guarantees on that one, but you never know, and I'm always looking for fun stuff and ways to stretch myself.

Fluff and stuff, is what I'm doing today. This would amount to stuff, and not fluff. Fluff was frittering on FB mostly, but I did make some friends from the online class, "spoke" with a few others and that was more stuff.   I sketched out the beginnings of a coloring page, for this blog. If I get 'er done I will post later. What I decided to do was to post my Mermaid rubberstamp drawing from long ago, along with a few details from what I rerendered in Photoshop... you saw them earlier, if you're familiar with my blog, but why make you scroll if you don't have to?  I hope you enjoy (will post a few other drawings today and tomorrow for the idea of coloring, if you like).

This was the original drawing (originally for rubberstamps). If you know how to scan and share, I'd love to see what you do with her (nothing NASTY, you guys, I love my imaginary friends as well!) I will post a couple of older drawings tomorrow for coloring and a new original by weekend.
Remember to leave a comment if you decide to download, or have a particular subject or image in mind. Hope you enjoy!